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LinkEZ Technologies
  • Realize Your Full Manufacturing Potential

    LinkEZ makes digital transformation effortless with highest returns
  • Process Digitization

    LinkEZ seamlessly integrates your machinery with our hardware and software to provide 100% process automation

    Automate, identify, and manage defects during the production with LinkEZ's Quality Management System
  • Track Assets - Easily!

    Raw material to finished products... track and manage your inventory at each and every step of manufacturing process.
  • Centralize your decisions for swift actions

    LinkEZ's advanced business analytics solution is not just about crunching data, it's about helping business take actions - all centrally!



If you know what's going on, you can manage what goes on!

LinkEZ began its journey 6 years ago with a vision to make the manufacturing process transparent at all levels so that the unit members know what's happening and have a better ability to manage and achieve desired output and efficiency. 

After several years of research, working with large scale manufacturers, we at LinkEZ developed and successfully implemented our solutions that improved the Operational Efficiency and Operational Equipment Effectiveness by 10 times... all this during the first year of operations.

A combination of cutting edge hardware and software solutions, combined with powerful analytics makes us a one-stop partner to realize the full manufacturing potential of your organization.

The Power of MATS Engine

Raw Material Inventory, PPC, Route Cards, Quality Checks, Line monitoring, and Finished Goods Tracking - MATS Engine is core to building a network of interconnected devices, processes, and people, all working towards making manufacturing process smart and efficient.

A Deep Understanding of Manufacturing Process

Spending 4 years exclusively on research, LinkEZ has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by today's manufacturing industry. Our research translated into great solutions that enables your journey to digitization and seeing the return on investment right from Day 1.

Leadership in Industry 4.0

With a bag full of appreciations from across the world, LinkEZ prides in understanding and leading the Industry 4.0 revolution, our solutions are geared towards achieving your full manufacturing potential with least disruption. More importantly, they help you go beyond today! Our Solutions enable you to scale them backward and forward with Vendors and Customers as well providing complete Digital Supply Chain visibility

Your Partner in Success

LinkEZ starts with a full study of your current process and works as a partner to identify the gaps that are impacting not just your Operational Efficiency (OE) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), but at the Complete Organizational Efficiency. Easy to use and self-configurable, our solutions are a perfect match for your future needs as well


Silo Solutions are a things of the Past!

We understand Industry 4.0 is beyond automated monitoring and Internet of Things (IoT). To be a true Centre of Excellence requires on demand and Auditable Controlability, Observability & Enforceability across the complete Supply Chain and also with in the multiple inter Departmental interactions. This requires a complete Solution set to effectively manage the manufacturing process end-to-end. LinkEZ solutions provide the "System of Systems" that can give full insights and levers to manage the process to realize the full potential

Whats more! We pick the Systems required per your Digitization Roadmap and using our feedbots technology, they talk with each other and present themselves as a Single System thereby Compounding the return of Value for your investment!

Our Flagship Solutions

MATS Digital Workflow Manager

Starting from PPC, assigned machines and tools, personnel, shifts, and more - MATS Digital Workflow Manager handles it all. With integrated LinkEZ's hardware to gather data from the manufacturing systems, and software that highly customizable and easy to use by the Operators, LinkEZ provides the whole widget that can bring together your manufacturing process for each product - the same way you'd want. What more, the operators would be delighted to use more visual actions than filling out the forms to make their work faster.


Our research shows that 70% of the manufacturing defects are due to oversight in following the QC sequence. MATS DQMS introduces shift-left strategy to identify defects early, manage the QC process, and track them to closure. MATS DQMS is a highly configurable system that consists of hardware of your choice for testing and software that matches to assist the operators to follow the sequence of testing and route the defect products accordingly. DQMS also allows you to introduce enforceability to not progress. 

MATS Inventory

Save your investment by knowing where your Raw Material or tools are - right from the time you received to the time it's consumed or discarded - all automated. LinkEZ has the perfect solution to track your inventory and help you saves significant costs in losses that arise with misplaced or misused items. MATS Engine's smart configuration system helps you set your inventory process, including a view to see the physical layout of your inventory to help the operators easily identify and comply with the process. 

MATS Decision Central

Know what all is happening at the floor right at your desk, on the floor, and even at the operating machines - and all LIVE! With the power of MATS Engine, LinkEZ brings you MATS Decision Central, a highly popular solution that does analytics, reporting, and helps you with recording decisions for future use. MATS Logic inside decision central helps you not only to view reports of your choice, but also to invite relevant stakeholders for discussions and record the decisions. Turn these decisions into automated actions. 


A series of add-on products to add more capabilities to make your manufacturing process smart

MATS Configuration Manager

Centrally manage the process and changes to your process with an easy to use interface and with the terminology that your team is familiar with. Optionally, all the changes can be tracked and stored for future reference and auditing purposes.

MATS Incident Tracker

Track and route incidents manually or automatically to the relevant personnel or systems with the click of a button. Event-based actions like stopping a machine can also be managed through MATS Incident Tracker.

MATS Alerts

Want to inform an operator in another floor to line up the raw material for next Op, it's right at the finger tips. MATS Alerts can seamlessly integrated with several alerting hardware or systems to show alerts anytime, anywhere!

MATS Documentation Manager

Standard Operating Procedures, User Guides, or Knowledge articles - bring in electronic copies of the documents closer to the operators. The powerful search option helps to reduce the time in browsing manuals and reaching out to the content quickly.

MATS Safety Tracker

As a part of your compliance, keep records of the Safety incidents on a daily basis. You can choose to display the information on the production floor, for future analysis, and corrective actions - all in an easy-to-use application.

MATS Scrap Manager

When you are in precision manufacturing, unmanaged scrap material can be be very costly. Use MATS Scrap Manager to efficiently track and manage the scrap for reuse or disposal. Know the cost and history of it anytime you want.

Why LinkEZ

Highly Customizable and Configurable Solutions

LinkEZ prides in offering solutions that are highly customizable and easy to use. This is to ensure that the process and terminology remains familiar to your organization.

Seasoned Team

A leadership team with 20 years of industry experience, an international leaders in manufacturing domain as advisors, and a great engineering team is what it requires to be your true partner in achieving your digital transformation goals.

Winning Streak

Aerospace, Automobile, or AgriTech - our customers are into various businesses and yet LinkEZ was able to deliver perfect solutions to them. Our testimony of success is that most of our customer-base is through referrals from the existing customers.